Home: Worlds Within

Home: Worlds Within
Home: Worlds Within © Zoe Chamberlain


Photograph by Phil Mynott
Photograph © Phil Mynott

Hidden amongst the collection of bygones at the Museums of Cambridge was an exhibition of tunnel-book ‘dioramas’, carefully constructed from photographs, drawings and collage. These miniature worlds, made by students from schools around the city, represented personal thoughts about their homes and reflected the different social and cultural backgrounds of the communities within the neighbourhoods of Cherry Hinton, East Barnwell, Arbury and Kings Hedges.

The project was produced by Artist Zoë Chamberlain and the artworks were made and curated by a team of students from The North Cambridge Academy, and St Bedes, Chesterton, Netherhall and Coleridge schools. You can explore their artworks in the Online Gallery.

Photograph © Zoe Chamberlain

This exhibition was part of the Thresholds project – a public art project for the Cambridge Affordable Housing Framework commissioned by Cambridge City Council in partnership with Keepmoat Homes.

The Thresholds project was funded by section 106 planning obligations to fund Public Art projects that “benefit local communities and enhance a sense of place”.

To find out more about the Thresholds project and see the full gallery of dioramas please visit the Home: Worlds Within gallery at www.zoechamberlain.com