Self Portraits: Young Carers

The University of Cambridge Museums have been partnering with Centre 33, a Cambridge-based charity which supports and empowers young people, to provide creative and cultural opportunities for young carers during the school summer holidays.

As a contribution to Curating Cambridge, the young people worked with animator Kim Noce and five University of Cambridge Museum collections to create a short animation illustrating themselves through the collections.

At Kettle’s Yard, the young people investigated the objects in the house and created puppets of themselves as a collage of the objects they identified with most.  The puppets were then playfully animated in Kettle’s Yard house and on light-boxes.

Self Portraits: Young Carers
Self Portraits: Young Carers

The paintings at the Fitzwilliam Museum inspired conversations about portraits coming to life after opening hours.  The participants recreated their favourite paintings and animated them to show what they thought would happen.

At the Botanic Garden, the young people were given a tour. They then experimented with a variety of animation techniques and investigated how much plants and trees do move and by what methods.

In the evening, senior members of the group explored the collection at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology after dark. They were inspired by the beautiful shadow puppets. They created and animated their own puppets depicting the objects, images and motifs from the collection.

The senior members handled objects from the Museum of Zoology.  They thought about how different species move and how they might interact with each other, both in the museum, in nature and in imagined worlds.