Silent Partners

Silent Partners was a ground-breaking exhibition, on display at the Fitzwilliam Museum, devoted to the artist’s mannequin. The exhibition uncovered mannequin’s playful, uncanny – and sometimes disturbing – history from the Renaissance to the present-day.


Silent Partners
Silent Partners

For centuries, the mannequin, or lay figure, was little more than a studio tool, a piece of equipment as necessary as easel, pigments and brushes. This major new loan exhibition reveals the multiple purposes it serves – from fixing perspective and painting reflections, to being a support for drapery and costume – and shows how it gradually moved centre stage to become the subject of the painting, photograph or film, eventually becoming a work of art in its own right.




Ideas of perfection- creative writing workshop for adultsPress reviews
“A riveting show… superbly curated” Observer
“A real crowd puller” Independent on Sunday
“First-rate” **** Telegraph

Visitor reviews
“incredibly thought-provoking”
“Thought provoking, stylish and wonderfully researched – what’s not to love about Silent Partners”